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Welcome To The South Valley Leadership Academy

Our Mission

Our mission is to grow leaders who: love learning and pay the price of greatness; embody a moral foundation of truth, virtue, compassion, liberty, and courage; and positively impact the world for good. Read More


Is SVLA for my Family?

SVLA will be accepting a limited number of  new families.

Is my family right for SVLA? Is SVLA right for my family?  
SVLA may be right for you if you can answer affirmatively to the following statements:

  • I will commit to at least 10 volunteer hours per semester by signing up for a position(s) on the Volunteer Sign Up sheet (found under the Register for Classes tab during open enrollment).

  • We are looking for classes for scholars ages 12 and up.

  • My scholar(s) has the attention span to sit through and pay attention in a classroom environment. 

  • I will support my scholar(s) in fulfilling their commitments for class with a good environment for study and helping them to understand and follow through with their assignments when they need it. 

  • I will be responsible for communicating with each mentor my scholar chooses to enroll with and can help my scholar(s) keep track of their assignments. 

  • I am looking for a flexible group that has many different social options for my children and myself, all of which are optional. I can just fulfill my volunteer hours and have my child(ren) come to one class and that is all, or we could be involved with the whole family with the many social events and activities that SVLA schedules as well as getting involved with Junior groups for children under 12 and have SVLA be our main social circle, or anything in between.

  • I am looking for classes to supplement my scholar’s education and social experiences, not a full course load or their complete education. SVLA offers classes based on what mentors are passionate about. We do not guarantee any educational outcome or commit to holding a comprehensive series of coursework in any subject. We offer classes based on the current year -- what mentors are available and what they want to teach; current class offerings are no indication of any future class offerings. SVLA Mentors are primarily volunteer parents from within the SVLA community, but we also enjoy the instructions from compensated mentors that come from outside of SVLA. These are often professional teachers, but they can also be anyone who is interested in being a mentor for SVLA who has an interest or training in the subject they want to mentor.

  • I am looking for passionate mentors, not particular curriculum or programs.

Read the SVLA Membership Agreements

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To request membership with SVLA click Join on the top red banner.  You will be contacted to setup an interview. 

(If you don't see the Join button on the top right of the home page, we are not currently accepting new families.  Check back starting in the spring.)